May 2020: Gennarino Lab



What is the main focus of your lab?

RNA Neurobiology, Mouse and Human Genetics

How long have you had your lab? When did you join Columbia University?

From January 2018

How big is your lab currently?

Myself plus 4 more people

Where is your lab located?

Hammer Building 14th floor Room 1402   

Current affairs:

What are the most exciting projects/directions in the lab at this moment?

Understading the role of PUM1 in human diseases; CFIm polyA complex in human diseases; Understading the role of RNA-binding proteins in mouse and human

What are the biggest accomplishments that your lab recently had?

Paul Marks Award and NIH-R01 with 2th percentile score


What are the model systems that your lab is using? 

PUM1 KO mice; PUM1 flox mice; Pum2 flox mice; Pum2 KO mice; Norad mice

What are the key techniques that your lab is using? 

Proteomics such as IP, Immunostaining, RNA work from extraction to CLIP, Human cell lines, mouse behavior

What facilities or equipment does your absolutely lab rely upon? 

Mass Spec Core, RNAseq core, iPSCs, Confocal, Behavior Core

Who shall be contacted with questions about equipment, resources and training?

 Myself, Salvatore Botta or Nicola de Prisco


What's your best approach to mentoring trainees in the lab?

Giving them a small project and follow them step by step

Who were your most influential mentors/role models in science and what did you learn from them?

Huda Y. Zoghbi in learning how to handle projects, students and postdocs in order to have the best for the lab and for them

What would be your career advice for students/postdocs?

Passion, scholarship, hardwork and critical thinking

Are you accepting rotating students at the moment?


Lab management:

How do members of your lab celebrate accomplishments?

Restaurants, Home dinner

Does your lab have any fun traditions?

Christmas and celebrating any award or paper

Stem Cell Directions:

What are the most important recent developments in the stem cell field?

Generating iPSC cell lines from our PUM1 patients


What was the main reason of you joining CSCI? What are the beneficial aspects of CSCI membership for your lab?

Scholarship, core access and help from CSCI faculty, a very dynamic and intellectual place to stay

What do you plan to bring to the CSCI community?

Our expertise in RNA biology together with Human and Mouse genetics for Neurological disorders