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For Patients

We frequently receive emails or calls from patients who are interested in learning about stem cell therapies at Columbia University.

Since their discovery, stem cells have brought hope for patients affected by various diseases, as they hold a tremendous potential to treat disorders, especially those in which cells are lost and need to be replaced with new, healthy cells.

Our scientific publications are based on experimental procedures that may not be currently available to patients. We and others are working very hard towards planning clinical trials using stem cells, and these will be available once we receive approval by the appropriate regulatory agencies. These approvals can take a substantial amount of time, and for a good reason, to make sure any novel therapy is not only effective, but also safe. For more information about ongoing stem cell clinical trials at Columbia University please check the website of the relevant clinical department or browse current studies at

To all of you, we strongly suggest to check the website of the International Society for Stem Cell Research, which offers news on clinical trials using stem cells, and make sure to check it back regularly, as it is often updated. Their patient handbook can also help you make informed decision on stem cell therapies.

Please be aware that there are many places in the world offering clinical trials using stem cells, but these can be dangerous and untested approaches, so be very careful if they promise things that they can’t really do!