June 2021: Liu Lab



What is the main focus of your lab?

The role of epigenome in normal physiology and human disease.

How long have you had your lab? When did you join Columbia University?

More than a year, since I started in January of 2020.

How big is your lab currently?

Three graduate students and a PI.

Where is your lab located?

Russ Berrie Room 403 and welcome to visit us!

Current affairs:

What are the most exciting projects/directions in the lab at this moment?

We are developing new epigenome editing tools, and apply these tools to dissect the molecular basis of memory storage, and the contribution of epigenetic mechanism to neurological disorders.

What are the biggest accomplishments that your lab recently had?

Very lucky to recruit three talented graduate students.


What are the model systems that your lab is using? 

Patient-derived iPSCs and transgenic mouse models. More than happy to share these models with other labs.

What are the key techniques that your lab is using? Are you open to training scientists from other labs?

Epigenome editing and micro-electrode array assay to study the electrophysiology of neurons in vitro. Welcome to learn these techniques from us.

What facilities or equipment does your absolutely lab rely upon? Do you use CSCI cores?

NGS sequencer and FACS.

Who shall be contacted with questions about equipment, resources and training?

Just contact me!


What's your best approach to mentoring trainees in the lab?

Provide all the necessary setup and let them fly along my guidance.

Who were your most influential mentors/role models in science and what did you learn from them?

My mentor during PhD and postdoc training. I learn both hard working and curiosity to science are essential in research.

What would be your career advice for students/postdocs?

Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and explore whatever excites you the most.

Are you accepting rotating students at the moment?

Unfornaturely not at the moment.

Lab management

How do members of your lab celebrate accomplishments?

We normally celebrate together over a simple lunch together or coffee break.

Does your lab have any fun traditions?

Annual summer BBQ is the best.

What is the key to running a successful lab?

Not sure. I am trying my best to start!

What was the most exciting part about starting your new lab?

Being able to reruit the talented students and postdoc and watch they grow scientifically.


What was the main reason of you joining CSCI? What are the beneficial aspects of CSCI membership for your lab?

We mainly use iPSC/hESC to model neurological diseases and have been benefiting from the stem cell core as well as the FACS core. They are fantastic!

What do you plan to bring to the CSCI community?

Epigenome editing technology.