Data Analysis Software

Shared Data Analysis Station

CSCI Flow Cytometry provides access to a data analysis workstation at no cost to users. The workstation is located in P&S 11511 and is equipped with the following data analysis packages:

  • FlowJo
  • FSCExpress
  • NovoExpress
  • Amnis IDEAS


We are pleased to be able to offer FlowJo flow cytometry data analysis software to the Columbia University community at a discounted rate.

The Columbia University FlowJo site license is co-administered between the CSCI Flow Cytometry Core Facility and the Microbiology & Immunology Flow Cytometry Core Facility.

Our license utilizes the FlowJo Portal system, which is a username and password based licensing system. You can use FlowJo on up to 4 independent devices with a single FlowJo Portal account. FlowJo can be used with both Mac and Windows OS.

The cost for a FlowJo Portal license is $221 per year. Our license is renewed annually on March 1st and licenses are billed once per year and not prorated.

Please follow the instructions below to obtain a FlowJo Portal account:

  1. Submit an iLab request through the Microbiology & Immunology Flow Cytometry Core Facility. Note that FlowJo Portal accounts can only be used with Columbia University email addresses ( or
  2. Once we receive your request, we will activate your FlowJo license.
  3. An email will be sent to you from FlowJo. Follow the instructions in the email to activate your FlowJo Portal account and begin using FlowJo on your computer.


Did you know that NovoExpress can be used offline to analyze data from any cytometer?

CSCI Flow Cytometry is pleased to be able to offer NovoExpress at a steep discount to users!

Please fill out the NovoExpress License Request form to obtain a license. Licenses are offered at a one-time cost of $774 and do not need be renewed annually.

Note that NovoExpress can only be installed on PCs is not compatible with Macs.