Research Labs

  • Our research focuses on how adult stem and progenitor cells perceive the nutritional states and fine-tune their lineage decisions in tissue regeneration and disease development processes.

  • We are focusing on elucidating the niche mechanisms that maintain HSCs in homeostasis and expand HSCs during development using genetically modified mouse models.

  • Our laboratory studies how hematopoietic stem cells (HSC) regulate blood production during the lifetime of an ever-changing organism.

  • Our laboratory uses genetic and injury models in zebrafish to study the molecular and cellular regulation of joint stem cells to inform regenerative biology approaches for musculoskeletal repair.

  • Our laboratory uses genetic mouse models and primary patient samples to understand the role of altered chromatin architecture as a regulator of gene expression/gene silencing.

  • Our team uses human pluripotent stem cell and rodent models to investigate the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying genetic cardiac diseases.