Claudia A. Doege, MD

  • Associate Professor of Pathology and Cell Biology at CUMC
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  • Associate Professor of Pathology and Cell Biology at CUMC


  • German

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  • MD, 1998 Humboldt University, Faculty of Medicine (Germany)

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International Society of Stem Cell Research

Society for Neuroscience

Honors & Awards

2013 - Keystone Symposium (Stem Cell Regulation, Alberta, Canada) Travel Award


Patient-specific hypothalamic neurons to elucidate human obesity

Obesity arguably accounts for the greatest proportion of illness, incapacity, and societal cost of any single health problem in the U.S. Upwards of 60% of risk variance for obesity is genetically conveyed. And the majority of the known obesity-related genes are expressed in the brain, acting in part through hypothalamic neurons affecting food intake. Access to human neuro-cellular model systems is critical to gaining insights into the molecular neurophysiology of body weight regulation in humans. The Doege lab utilizes patient-specific hypothalamic neurons to elucidate the molecular mechanisms of human monogenic obesity (e.g., melanocortin-4 receptor deficiency). These studies may ultimately lead to the development of novel therapeutic strategies for human obesity.

Our focus is on:

1) The creation of a series of human hypothalamic cell types from patient-specific induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC).

2) The investigation of the molecular mechanisms underlying monogenic forms of obesity.

3) The identification of modifiers of monogenic obesity that reduce penetrance.

To address these questions, we employ stem cell-based approaches (patient-specific iPSC, in vitro differentiation into specific hypothalamic neuron subtypes), genome-editing tools such as CRISPR, whole-exome/genome sequencing, single-cell whole-transcriptome sequencing, cell biology and biochemical approaches.

Research Interests

  • Genome editing
  • Human stem cell-derived hypothalamic neurons
  • Molecular mechanisms of human obesity
  • Patient-specific disease modeling

Selected Publications

Wang, L., Sui, L., Panigrahi, S. K., Meece, K., Xin, J., Kim, J., Gromada, J., Doege, C. A., Wardlaw, S. L., Egli, D. & Leibel, R.L. (2017). PC1/3 deficiency impacts pro-opiomelanocortin processing in human embryonic stem cell-derived hypothalamic neurons. Stem Cell Reports, S2213-6711(16)30311-3. PMID: 28132887

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