Kimara L. Targoff receives 2 recent grant awards

Congratulations to Kimara L. Targoff, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, recipient of 2 recent grant awards

Saving Tiny Hearts Society

Mechanisms of cardiomyocyte renewal regulated by Nkx2.5

This project will examine the importance of extracellular matrix stabilization downstream of Nkx2-5 in promoting recruitment of new cardiomyocytes to hypoplastic and injured myocardial tissue as a means to enhance therapeutic strategies for congenital heart disease patients.

Congenital Heart Defect Coalition

Mechanisms of Second Heart Field Development Regulated by crip Genes

In this proposal, we will test the hypothesis that crip genes are required to recruit anterior second heart field-derived progenitors to the outflow tract of the heart.  We will dissect the specific cell lineages regulated by crip genes and analyze the specification, deployment, and proliferation of these progenitors at the arterial pole.