CSCI 2nd Annual Photo Contest Winners

CSCI hosted the 2nd annual Photo Contest to search for work by Full and Affiliate members to feature on the CSCI website, as well as include in the new headquarters upon completion. Thank you to all 26 impressive submissions of beautiful photos!

Congratulations to the winners below! These photos will be added throughout the website in 2019.


Author: Matthieu Genestine/Edmund Au Lab

In vitro migration assay of mouse cortical interneurons progenitor region on a human cell line, DAPI and Dlx6aCre, Ai9 labeling. Author: Matthieu Genestine, Edmund Au Lab


Author: Saera Song/Michael Boland lab

Neuroprogenitors derived from hiPSCs. Author: Saera Song, Michael Boland lab


Authors: Helen Kogan, Amy Reilein, Daniel Kalderon/Daniel Kalderon Lab

Image of 38-hour-old pupal ovary composed of multiple ovarioles with a domain of Wnt signaling shown by the expression of Frizzled3-RFP in red, and precursors to escort and follicle stem cells shown by Traffic Jam expression in green. Authors: Helen Kogan/Amy Reilein/Daniel Kalderon, Daniel Kalderon Lab


Authors: Christine L. Xu, Stephen H. Tsang/Stephen Tsang Lab

Stargardt Fundus Image: We are hoping to use stem cell therapy to treat the retinal degeneration of this Stargardt patient and to restore their macular vision.   Authors: Christine Xu/Stephen Tsang, Stephen Tsang Lab


Author: Leo Wan/Gordana Vunjak-Novakovic lab

Polarity and Chirality of Muscle Cells on Patterned Rings: Muscle cells on a micropatterned ring (inner diameter: 250 mm, width: 200 mm) stained for actin (red), tubulin (green), and nuclei (blue) form chiral alignment on the ring, accompanied by directional migration leading to multicellular chiral morphogenesis. Author: Leo Wan, Gordana Vunjak-Novakovic lab