Announcing the 2023 CSCI Photo Contest Winners

Congratulations to this year's three winners:

Author(s): Emily Rhodes Lowry, PhD and Ian Davis
PI: Hynek Wichterle, PhD
Picture title: Reactivation of early development genes in adult spinal motor neurons following reexpression of motor neuron selector transcription factors
Description: Postnatal motor neurons (magenta) transduced with AAVs expressing the embryonic motor neuron selector transcription factors Lhx3 and Isl1 reactivate the early development-related gene Cadps2 (green) in the ventral horn of the mouse spinal cord.

Author(s): Aviral Misra 
PI: Mijo Simunovic, PhD
Picture title: Luminous Vascular Networks in Intestinal Crypts
Description: Emergent vascularization in a collagen-based mimetic intestinal scaffold using Reset Vascular Endothelial cells stained with Hoechst (cyan) and VE-cadherin (green).

Author(s): Barbara Corneo, Grazia Iannello, Hemanta Sarmah, Dario Sirabella, Ekaterina Lebayle (primary)
PI: Barbara Corneo, Stem Cell Core
Picture title: Embryoid Bodies
Description: iPSC-Derived Embryoid Bodies: Unlocking Multiple Paths of Differentiation.