Announcing the 2022 CSCI Photo Contest Winners

CSCI held it's annual scientific photo contest, open to faculty and trainees of the Full and Affiliate member labs. It was a difficult feat to choose the 4 winners below from the 18 incredible submissions. Each winner will have their photo featured on the CSCI website and the Black 11 gallery, as well as receive a gift card. Thank you to everyone who entered, and we look forward to even more submissions of your amazing work next year!


Author: Anna Yoney

PI: Kristin Baldwin

iPSC-derived Sensory Neurons

iPSC-derived Sensory Neurons were fixed and labeled for nuclei (DAPI, cyan) and neuronal markers MAP2 (yellow) and TUBB3 (red)



Author: Jacqueline Armetta, Seungmae Seo

PI: Emily Mace

Hemogenic spin EB

Embryonic body of a control line stained with CD34





Author: Melissa Proven

PI: Emmanuelle Passegué

Gel Beads in Emulsion Containing Hematopoietic Stem Cells for Single Cell Multiomics

Emulsion generated with the 10X Chromium controller to partition single cells for barcoding in the recovery well of a microfluidic chip.


Author: Caitlin Ford

PI: Kimara Targoff

Development of Lateral Plate Mesoderm in Zebrafish

In situ hybridization for tcf21 depicts the development of the lateral plate mesoderm in zebrafish embryos.