Announcing the 2020 CSCI Scientific Photo Contest Winners

December 18, 2020

CSCI hosted the 4th annual Photo Contest to search for work by Full and Affiliate member labs to feature on the CSCI website, as well as include in the gallery of our headquarters on Black 11. Thank you to all the impressive submissions of beautiful photos!

Congratulations to the winners below!



Author: Michael Shannon 

Emily Mace lab

Title: NK cells from iPSCs in 4D

Description: A ball of pluripotent stem cells reprogrammed to spit out functional Natural Killers, displayed as a 4D image, with time represented by color.




Author: Julia Mo 

Joanna Smeeton Lab

Title: Developing Jaw Joint

Description: 15dpf Zebrafish craniofacial development of skeletal and connective tissue elements





Author: Peter M.J. Quinn

Stephen Tsang lab

Picture title: Photoreceptors in Retinal Organoid model

Description: Histology staining of OTX2 and B-catenin reveals the prevalence of immature photoreceptor cells in stem cell derived retinal organoids on differentiation day 50.