3rd Annual CSCI Photo Contest Winners

January 14, 2020

CSCI hosted the 3rd annual Photo Contest to search for work by Full and Affiliate member labs to feature on the CSCI website, as well as include in the gallery of our headquarters on Black 11.  Thank you to all the impressive submissions of beautiful photos! Winners were announced at the Holiday Party in December. 

Congratulations to the winners below!


Author: Barbara Corneo, Dario Sirabella, Achchhe Patel                                               

Stem Cell Core Facility

Picture title: iPSC colonies derived from skin biopsy fibroblasts

Description: The discovery that a specific, mature tissue type (in this example skin fibroblasts) can be reverted back to a stem cell state (aka an induced pluripotent stem cell or iPSC) has revolutionized science and opened new avenues of research for cell replacement therapy, disease modeling and drug screening.




Author: Maria Caterina De Rosa

Claudia Doege lab

Picture title: The shape of an angel

Description: Transcription factors in the Paraventricular Nucleus of the Hypothalamus


Authors: Sagar L. Patil, Seungmae Seo, Emily Mace

Emily Mace lab

Picture title: NK cells derived from iPSCs

Description: iPSC derived NK cells along with diverse non-NK cells generated in vitro