2018 CSCI Seed Fund Competition Winners

August 24, 2018

2018 CSCI Seed Fund Competition Winners

Three projects led by CSCI Full Members have been selected for the 2018 CSCI Seed Fund Program, a yearly competition designed to jumpstart new stem cell research projects and promote collaboration among CSCI members.

Claudia A. Doege, M.D., Assistant Professor of Pathology and Cell Biology, for a project using human stem-cell derived hypothalamic organoids to elucidate functional elements of human feeding circuitry.

Masayuki Yazawa, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Rehabilitation and Regenerative Medicine, for a project aimed at developing the next generation of optogenetically controlled genetics tools for stem cells biology.

Hynek Wichterle, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Pathology and Cell Biology and Neuroscience (in Neurology) for a project taking advantage of single cell RNA-sequencing approach to establish the phylogenetic alignment of human and mouse neural stem cell differentiation trajectories.

Please join us in congratulating the winners of this year’s CSCI Seed Fund competition. We look forward to learning more to about the development of these exciting projects and to next year’s competition.